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HAVANA, 1972

One day sitting in his bath smoking and watching a portable TV, Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, shook his head so vehemently in contempt at yet another U.S. foreign policy misadventure that a small child fell out of his beard and into the bubbles. “Cojones!” exclaimed El Líder, “I have given birth to the future.”

“Ayudame cabron!” piped a tiny voice from the water. “I am the Cuban Cowboy.” The Great Man was momentarily stunned by this response: his jaw dropped, his cigar slipped into the water with a plop and sizzle. The boy, seeing that he was left to his own devices, scrambled over the rim of the tub and leapt to the floor. There he turned, hesitated, saluted his progenitor with a smart middle finger, and then was off across the tiles, out the bathroom window and into the streets of Havana where he was immediately lost in the crowd.

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The boy ended up in San Francisco after being raised by Cuban exiles in Hialeah, FL, cutting his musical teeth in Gainesville, FL, and rocking New York City for six years. His band, The Cuban Cowboys, mixes indie rock with traditional Cuban music. 

TCC specializes in marrying Son, Montuno, and other Afro-Cuban musical forms with distortion-heavy indie rock gilded in pop miscellany— a capricious mixture of tradition and revolt served up under swooning surf guitar and dark post-punk power chords. Armed with intelligent lyrics and catchy Mambo riffs, The Cuban Cowboys embrace their audiences en un rock 'n' roll abrazosuave, firme y muy—¿como se dice?—SEXXAY.

Since 2007, with the release of their debut album (Cuban Candles), the band has steadily built a following across the United States, playing in venues as diverse as the Kennedy Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Yoshi's (SF) and The Tiniest Bar in Texas (Austin), and festivals such as South by Southwest. Their latest album, Diablo Mambo, was produced by Greg Landau (Maldita Vecindad, Susana Baca), and includes vocal performances by Alex Cuba. Featured on NPR's Weekend Edition, Diablo Mambo brings listeners directly to the groove-drenched corner of Brooklyn and Matanzas.

With this here new guebsite, an E-book for los holidays, and a new album in the works, TCC hopes to keep spreading the lob throughout the world in 2014.


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