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Visit our Bandcamp page for free downloads or to purchase physical CD's. Joo can also find us on Spotify, Rdio, et. al.



  • Diablo Mambo

    "Diablo Mambo" features performances by Latin Grammy winner Alex Cuba, Carole Steele, and Jesus Diaz. Released in November, 2010, "Diablo Mambo" debuted at #5 on iTunes' Latin Album chart following a feature on NPR's Weekend Edition.

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  • Cuban Candles

    TCC's debut album.Released in 2007, Newsday said it was "destined to become a classic intersection between roots rock and Cuban Son." We're not too sure that's happened yet, but hey, there's still time. These tracks tell the story of Jorge's family's Cuban exile experience.

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  • Salome

    Salome features Madelyn Burgess on lead vocals. A haunting take on Oscar Wilde and his influence on a dancer's life. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • The Only One

    One of Jorge's home recordings. The Beatles were a bit off about needing only love. A laptop, a mic, songwriting chops and a P-90 equipped Gibson are also nice to have. Just sayin.

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